Saturday DANCE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 10th of December on a Saturday I had my dancce concert and we had to be there at 1:00.  We had to wait 2 hours then the concert started.  Everyone was there and my mum and my nana, sister and my friend Tess.  After a while I had to get ready for our photo and then we went back to our dressing room.  Then we had to wait a while why the other preformances were on. The first dance we did was Jumpin Jumpin and we had to wear a cheetah/leapard belly top and black leggings with black high top shoes.  Before we even started everyone clapped and whistled and  cheered then when we finished everyone did the same like the start.  After that dance we ran off and went into the dreesing room and waited to put on our other costume and we watched on the projector in the other room.  Oh I forgot to tell you but before we go on we have to go in a green room and wait but we have to be very quiet because we are under the stage and the front row of the audience.We waited and waited for ages then we had to put on our costume.  We had to wear an astronaut suit and a black singlet and black leggings because it was see through and we had to wait in the green room and watch the tv.  Then we had to wait on one side of the stairs then after everyone was finished we went on the side of the stage and we watched the dance and waited. After that dance we went on and but the curtains were shut and another dance was on in front of us and we had to look at the curtains and stay still land do nothing.  Then the curtains opened and I put my head down and my arms then I stayed still and I waited. Then I danced and after that I ran off and then we had to wait and then got ournext  costumes on and then we went in the green room and watched the tv. It was really quiet, then we waited on the stairs and then we went to the side of the stage and we watched. We were quiet then after that dance we went on and put our heads down and our arms and waited for the beat and then we danced.  Then after the dance we went off stage and got into our finale clothes but we had to wear a pink top and black leggings and white high top converses.  We watched the free style and my dance teacher did a free style too then we all went on and danced.  Then the lights turned off and we sat down and the curtains shut and then when we all sat down the curtains opened again and the lights turned on and we waited because they had to put the  trophies on the table with the list and the satifecets we listened to our dance teacher say the name on the certificates. Then a board came out with a name on it saying Liam then all the dancers names were on it.  He bowed and then he went back to where he was standing.  Then the others got the trophies.  The first one was a small trophy but the last award was a big trophy.  When it all finished some girls gave our dance teacher some flowers and then everyone clapped and cheered and whistled and we all had FUN!  It was tiring being out from 3.00 to 7.30pm!

This is my last blog for the year.  It has 627 words in it and I’m really proud of myself.


On my weekend my cousin stayed the night.  At 7:00 at night my mum said that my friend could stay. We played at the front with the ball and shot some goals then we went out the back and  I taught my cousin some gibresh. We went inside at 9:30 and we watched Secret Life of Pets. Then we watched Bad Neighbours Two then we went to sleep. In the morning they woke me up at 5:00 and then we went to look for the elf on the shelf. We couldn’t find it until we all woke up and we saw it because my sister came in and said come and see the elf on the shelf!  And of course the elf was in the fake bath with tinsel and a barbie towel watching tv, it made a big mess. We went back to bed to watch the rest of bad neighbours two and then we got dreesed and went to do the dishes, it was fun.  After we did that we went out side to play with my cousin.  We went inside then we told her that we would be back in five minutes because we went to get our other friend Alarah.We played with the kitten and then we went to my house.  My mum had to drop of my brother and his best friend but I didn’t go I stayed with my friends.  Then we went back to Alarah’s house for a bit then I had to go to my cousin’s house.   I played with the bunny and the mouse then I was playing hide and seek.  It was fun and we went home at 9:50 and I had to still finish my card for my aunty! 




On the 11th ofDecember me,  Abbey and Charlotte are having a cocert.  We are going to be having a hiphop concert and jazz and other things.   We are dancing to jumpin jumpin by destinays child and Ijust cant and jump machine.  It is a mashup though.


So thats what is gonna HAPPEN 


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the 11th of  November all grade 3 went on a excursion around Shepparton.   It was entertaining. 

First we went to Tallygaroopna to see Sherbourne Shepard’s hut and to see the family cemetery with 3 graves.  There are other people buried on the hill.

After we saw all that stuff  we went to the war mamorial and other stuff.   It was fun!

MY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                             IT WAS FUN!!

On the weekend it was really fun!

On Saturday the (30th of October) I was playing with my friends Ocean, Jackson, Ella and  my brother Tyler.  After a while we went to the park to do some music.lys.  We did only 5 at the park and we went on snapchat too.  We went over these little hill things.  It was really fun and exciting.  After like 10 minutes we went back home and did some more music.lys.  Later that day we just stayed in the court, then we went to my house then I had to go inside at 6.58pm.

On Sunday I went to Zirconia’s Halloween party and it was fun.We danced and sang songs, we played truth or dare and would you rather.  We had lots of fun.

On Monday I was playing with the same friends I was playing with on Saturday.  It was cool later that day and I went to hip hop with Charlotte.  Abbey and I went as a sugar skull.  It was a good time.




When its HALLOWEEN the (31st of October) I’m going with Jessica, her sister Joanne, Abbey, and Jessica’s Mum.  We will be trick or treating around Jessica`s house.  It will be FUN.  We will meet up at Jessica`s house at 7.00 till 9.30 or 8.30 or 7.30pm.   Hopefully we don`t get scared by silly cl****.  We will have lots of candy.   We are taking a phone with us so we can do music.lys.  It will be scary but not that scary because Jessica does taekwondo.   She is really good.  It will be SPOOKY but also really fun.  I can`t believe I will be doing this for the first time in a long time.




THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




TERM 4!!!!!!!!!

This term we have been busy.  We have had a fun week.  The first week back from school holidays we had  kitchen garden on Tuesday,  on Friday we had Creative Arts.   We had to make a dance or a joke or a puppet show.  I’m doing a dance with Abbey B.   We already have a dance –  it’s cool but it’s not ready yet.  We need the mash up music for it.  I’M SO HAPPYYY!

SCHOOL FETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the (10th of November) Bourchier Street Primary School has a whole school fete.  We will be all performing an act and some classes will be running the stalls.   We are running the fake broken arm stall.  I’m doing a dance duet with Abbey B.


Me and Abbey are doing our hiphop dance and at the end we get to do our own freestyle


IT WILL BE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On Tuesday the 13th of September MLH had a Roald Dahl Day!  4 people dressed up as a character.  I had a minion top on.  We had to dress in yellow or as a character from one of his books.  We are reading The BFG.  We have read The Magic Finger, The Twits, Esio Trot, The Giraffe the Pelly and Me!  We all watched The BFG.   It was awesome and very funny.  We all laughed and had lots of fun.  We all brought food for our lunch party.   Mrs Holland brought some snozzcumber sandwiches and frobbscottle fizzy drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!